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Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2007 with a very broad and clear concept ” Farm to Pharma”. Udyan herbal was promoted by a group of farm and herbal experts having interests in farming, formulation and education. Balance health and wellness of humankind is a priceless gift but owing to several factors like stress, wrong food habits, malnutrition and pollution consequently caused to various human disorders and diseases. The  Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. has taken up this task of bringing back people closer to nature and healing the human health hazards through its quality, farm produce and unique health care products.

Udyan herbal is one of the leading herbal-based potential platforms which blends modern production technology and advanced quality measures into the area of herbal farming, natural extracts and manufacturing.

Udyan herbals

Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. is a cultivator, manufacturer & exporter of Ayurvedic herbal product. Udyan herbal has wide product range in the house which includes green food supplement, Phytonutrients, health tonic, single herb powder, herbal formulation, natural health care products, weight management, women health care, natural sweetener, herbal tea etc. It has its own organic farm in more than 100 acres which can produce the best quality organic raw material chiefly, Alfalfa, Stevia, Tulsi, Drumstick, Coleus, Lemongrass, Citronella, Vetiver, Ashwagandha etc. Farm experts  & research team of Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. Udyan herbal is able to make unique formulations which are most effective for diabetes, weight loss, high BP, acidity, fever, digestive disorder, general debility, immunity, gynaecological troubles etc.

All the Udyan herbal products are thoroughly researched, tested & developed at our R&D unit by our eminent scientists. Experts refer to the ancient Ayurveda texts, identify the indigenous herbs and subject the formulation to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs of effects and therapies for human health care and wellness.

Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. has high-tech advanced processing, extraction & manufacturing unit at Bidar (Karnataka). Therefore, achieving the optimum quality standard. This unit has a large production capacity with a separate division for contract manufacturing & private labelling.

Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. is registered in Surat, Gujarat with its corporate office in Bidar, Karnataka. At Bidar, state-wise product distribution is taken care of at a larger level. Udyan Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. meets all National & International Food Safety Standards, Quality Guidelines like FSSAI, GMP QACS, ISO 9001:2015.

m2 Vision
“To partner with farming and pharmaceutical entities in realizing sustainable food and health security by providing quality produce and products through ecological and ethical principles”

m1 Mission
“Dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quality healthy and wealthy lives and to establish unique herbal products through the application of traditional health knowledge ,Scientific production practices sensitised by our principle Farm to Pharma”
Ayurveda is not just a medical science, but a way of life. Its origin can be traced back to the beginning of mankind. This ancient science has stood the test of times and has emerged as one of the most reliable choices for health and wellness. Ayurveda believes in addressing the root cause of the problem and not just at reducing the symptoms. The Loka Purusha Saamya Siddhanta of Ayurveda believes that the universe and the human body are composed of similar elements, and hence any imbalances can be treated by products of nature itself. Thus, considering it merely as a science for superficial treatment is incorrect, as Ayurveda is way more than that.

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Founder Of Udyanherbals


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