What is Jiyo Sakhi ?

This is pure and potent natural female friendly food prepared under strict hygienic and scientific conditions. It enhances the natural cleansing of the entire system of a women and improves overall health and stress management system. It improves hormonal imbalances and premenstrual syndromes and more.

Health Benefits of Jiyo  Sakhi 

  • It helps to purify and moves stagnant blood which normalizes menstruation.
  • Helps in building immunity especially among women.
  • It is a natural gynecological tonic which balance and reduce the pain experienced during    female menstrual cycle.
  • It is effective in dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia and brings regularity to feminine rhythms,naturally.
  • It cools the symptoms of inflammation during menstruation and menopause and reduces emotional irritability.
  • It is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins & promotes strong and healthy bones among women.
  • It is very much beneficial in case of any kind of pre and post delivery complications.
  • It  provide relief in excessive bleeding cases.
  • It is very much helpful in mitigating Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Every   woman is intimately tied to nature.

The Menstrual cycle follows the cycle of moon,Ebbing and flowing every 28 days in most cases. A women’s body can grow and change,like  the earth, to hold the life that grows within, and like the soil below us.

A women body can Assimilates the nutrients needed to grow the perfect food for her children. Perhaps, this Connection   with  the cycles of the nature have something to do with the powerful relationship that   plants can have in supporting the health of women (herbal product sakhi).

Udyan   Herbomatrix Pvt. Ltd. a leading herbal  based organization has realized and researched over the period for potentials of our traditional   herbal plants in building the health of women’s and come out with unique natural formulation as female friendly food in the form of Jiyo Sakhi (herbal product sakhi).

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