Jiyo Diafreen is a Nature’s Boon to Diabetics. It is a wonderful product meant for Diabetes mellitus. It helps in the management of high Blood pressure, acidity and acts as an anti-oxidant.

Jiyo Diafreen is a natural formulation, primarily an extract of Stevia, Aonla, Multivitamin plant, Tinospora and many other natural herbs.

As per the survey, one in every 10 person is inflicted with diabetes & an equal number are dying due to diabetes directly or indirectly. Our body has an organ known as “Pancreas” having “Beta” cells which secrete “Insulin”. The function of Insulin is to convert the glucose/sugar of our blood into energy by metabolizing with glycosides.

However, with sedentary lifestyle/ genetic/ food habits/ pollution/Excess use of chemical fertilizers in growing crops etc, the secretion of Insulin slow down and even stop in large cases.

Jiyo Diafreen also works effectively as an anti-oxidant & to boost immunity in human beings. Even a healthy person may also take. It also works in managing obesity at a slow pace. This product provides 100 % result in diabetes type II. It is observed Diabetes type- II of both the symptom of “Insulinogenic” and “Insulinotropic” is well served by our pure, preventive and protective product. It has the efficacy to prevent and also to manage diabetes, effectively without any inherent complications related to diabetes and even to stave off from the life-threatening complications like diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy, diabetic retinopathy etc.

There are no side effects at all as this is herbal in nature. Besides, protective, Jiyo Diafreen also serves as preventive medicine.

We advise to take 30 drops of Jiyo Diafreen in the morning before breakfast & in the evening after dinner with a glass of lukewarm water.

Jiyo Diafreen helps in,

  1. Reduces High Blood Pressure.
  2. Manages Obesity & eliminates excess fat.
  3. Say goodbye to bloating, flatulence.
  4. Helps in treating Thyroid.
  5. Provides 100% result in Diabetes type-II effectively.

When Jiyo Diafreen is used along with Jiyo Sweetife is added to your diet, it helps cure diabetes effectively

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