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Jiyo Herboheal Combo


About Product : Jiyo Herboheal Tea is a hot infusion or concoction made from various valuable herbs, naturally grows leaves, flowers, roots, spices in combination and for blended with for their inherent health benefits. It has got special preventive, and healing properties of herbals and spices which continue to restore. revitalize our bodies, mind and soul at present and for generation to come. It satisfy purely the ayurvedic principles by balancing among body, mind and spirits.

Health Benefits : It improves the immunity and level of freshness. It helps in reducing obesity and protect from ageing. JHT is useful in managing glucose level od the blood and balance diabetes. It reduce the digestive disorders and helpful in acidity. It is rich in anti-oxidant and and helps in detoxifying the body from toxics and free radicals. It is useful in managing blood pressure and also act as a mood enhancer.


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