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Jiyo Wellantura Combo


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About Prouduct : Jiyo Wellantura i a 100% natural product and solution for all overweight problems with no side effects. It not only boosts your metabolic rate but also helps in prevention and treatment of most of disorders related to an overweight and obese body. The integredients like garcinia cambogia, Coleus forskholii, Stevia rebaudiana, Piper longum, Emblica officialis etc, is highly effective components removes harmful metabolic resdues, enhance metabolic rate, strengthens immunity and helps your body burn the deposited and unwanted fat more faster. It works in a three way, first stop the formation of fat cells by modifying process by which the body coverts sugar to fat in the liver, secondly it also inhibts  your appetite and thirdly, burns fats quicker.

Health Benefits : It revitalizes our cells and maintains energy levels.  It helps in detoxifying the body system and prevents free radical mediated diseases. It is very effective in weight managment. It helps in fat burning quicker. It is to manage appetite and reduce risk of overeacting. It helps reduce calorie intake. It supports healthy serotonin levels to control emotional overacting.


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