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Keshposh Combo


About products :  According to servey, hairs grow about a half and inch on monthly basis. The general health, well-being and genetic composition decide the hair problems rate. However, in today’s advanced life style, many factors responsible forr hair problems and stress is one of the major reasons for the hair loss. the scalps gets acumulated wuth dirt, dust and grime that leads to itchness, dandruff and ultimatley  hair fall. keshposh is one such natural oil brought to you after long experimente, exploration and efforts to herbal hair oil world. keshposh is enriched with valuable herbs and prepared after intensive research and experiments.

Health Benefits : Kesposh improves the blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles, reduces stress and boosts the hair root strength through sccalp condutioning. It Nurtures the hair from the root to the tip by strengthening the hair follicles and conditioning the scalp. Ensures the scalp is prooerly nourished with important nutrients to prevent from drying and flaky. It is  100% allergic free and complete natural. It reduce baldness aand promotes hair growth. Provide  sound sleep and soothing   effects to the body.


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