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Jiyo Diafreen Combo with Free Herbal Tea



About Product : “JIYO DIAFREEN” is wonderful product from the house of Udyan is being promoted through our social organization BiOMAP meant for Diabetes mellitus. It also helps in the management of the high pressure, acidity and acts as an anti-oxidants. Our “JIYO DIAFREEN” is pure natural formulation, primarily an extract of Stevia, Aonla, Multivitamin plant, Tinospora and many other natural herbs. There are no side effects at all as this herbal in nature. Besides, protective, it also serves as preventive.

Health Benefits : It can help pancreas cells to secrete insulin and to control sugar level. It also helps in balancing insulin and in regulating blood pressure. It enhances haemoglobin content and helps in acidity. It may help in detoxifying the body system. It works well for digestion and bowel movement. Provides vitamins and minerals.


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